To increase the power of nature within me.

You already have the power within you to become one with nature. Let’s exercise that power. Here’s how you can increase that power.

You can do it in a little time. You can do it no matter where you live.

Stand in front of a tree. It can be a tree in the mountains, a tree in a nearby forest, or a tree in a park or on a street. It may not be a tree that is always with you, such as a tree in your own yard.

First, look at the base of the tree and imagine that many roots are growing into the world beneath the soil.

Beneath the soil, there is a world that we cannot see. Many living things are connected to each other, creating a world of their own.

When you have finished imagining the world beneath the soil, next, slowly move your viewpoint up along the trunk of the tree.

From beneath the soil, the stream of life flows continuously through the trunk. Your perspective moves upward with the flow of life, and gradually you begin to look upward.

Thick trunks become big branches, big branches become small branches, and many leaves are growing. If it is winter, you will find that there are many shoots there. And your imagination will expand to the big sky and the even bigger universe.

The life of the tree and your life become one, and you expand into the big world.

If your imagination of the vastness of the universe fades out, your perspective slowly drops again, moving down through the trunk and out through the roots to the world in the soil.

Let your roots grow into the world of life that spreads out in the soil.

Finally, touch the trunk with your hand and empathize with the life of the tree.

Let’s start with a tree every day. We recommend this habit to many people.