Let’s take a video of a tree.

Let’s take a video of a tree growing in our neighborhood. When you stand in front of a tree, you can think about the invisible roots. Talk to the tree in front of you and listen to the voice of its branches and leaves spread wide open to the sky.

If trees were close to our life, we would be able to feel where our food and the things we need for our lives are supplied from, and we will never forget humans as one of the biological networks.

If human life were to move away from nature, we might make the mistake of thinking that we are the only life on the earth.

A single tree can remind us that human life is connected to the forest. We think that a tree in a corner of the city is more important than a commercial building full of ornaments, than a new road that makes us arrive 10 minutes earlier.

In the past, nature and man meant the same thing. We were taking care of the nearby forest and harvesting its bounty. However, people began to take only what they needed and considered inefficiency to be a bad thing. And people gained money and lost life.

Where are the companions of human life? Where does the power to live come from?