Find out what we really need.

Face the tree and find out directly what it really needs, not with wisdom, but with your heart. Eventually, quietly, the tree will begin to speak. Listen to the flowers. Listen to the heart of the birds flying in the sky. And listen to the leaves. And we should also listen to our own heart. … Read more

Let’s take a video of a tree.

Let’s take a video of a tree growing in our neighborhood. When you stand in front of a tree, you can think about the invisible roots. Talk to the tree in front of you and listen to the voice of its branches and leaves spread wide open to the sky. If trees were close to … Read more

To increase the power of nature within me.

You already have the power within you to become one with nature. Let’s exercise that power. Here’s how you can increase that power. You can do it in a little time. You can do it no matter where you live. Stand in front of a tree. It can be a tree in the mountains, a … Read more


Walking the old streets and taking pictures.

When I walk along an old road, I want to walk slowly. But it’s not easy to walk slowly either. In such a case, we should walk together with a camera. Slowly observe and photograph things that we would normally pass by. The old paths know many things. Many things gather on the old paths. … Read more

Let’s start a small vegetable shop.

Try to sell your own harvested vegetables in front of your house. If you are not able to guard the store, place a box for customers to put their money in. Is there any possibility of theft? Trust humanity to be the best work in the universe. First, find out if you need a permit … Read more